Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I think adoption has turned me into a crazy person. For one, I left my house wearing house shoes this morning. To work. Fortunately they are the leather slip on “moccasin” kind that could easily pass as real shoes. But I know they are not. Q: Who does that?! A: I DO.

For two, I spent last night reviewing 100’ish pages of paperwork, setting FBI fingerprint appointments, making plans to renew my driver license, and making plans to get our physicals. For this week. AND IT IS ALREADY TUESDAY, Y’ALL. Then I bleached my kitchen. Just for giggles.

For three, I don’t really have a “for three”, but stopping at two just looked naked.

Here’s our Uh-Dop-Shun schedule so far this week:

Tuesday               10/4/11               Christy fingerprint appointment / Complete all paperwork
Wednesday         10/5/11               Marty fingerprint appointment / Christy driver license renewal / Take pictures of house, but first CLEAN the house. I don’t want to come off as a Hoarder.
Thursday              10/6/11               Kaitlyn getting her fingerprints, driver license, & physical (All in one day, I think!) BTW, She’s lived with us since Feb. 2011- Everyone say Hello!  Hi, K! luh ya!
Friday                   10/7/11               Christy & Marty physicals (tentative, IF MP doesn’t have to go out of town tomorrow)
Saturday              10/8/11               Freak out / 1st Social Worker Meeting / come home and CRASH

In addition to the aforementioned events of last night, I ALSO mailed out FOUR crosses, picked up some medications from the pharmacy, got my oil changed, balanced the checkbook, paid some bills and made a bank run while MP took Brogan to ballet and Swaid to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Now at some point this week, we still have to transport kids to/from school, cook dinner, feed kids, bathe kids, clean house, do laundry, do homework, beg for money, SELL MORE CROSSES, weld more crosses, mail more crosses, attend a Friday night birthday party, visit my brother from Japan, visit our former brother in law from Colorado, grocery shop, and each work a 40hour work week.

And did I mention we also volunteer with the Center for Violence Prevention and are gearing up for the 1st Annual Masquerade Ball to be held 10/29/11? I didn’t? Well, we do. Oh and also? I’m co-room mom for Bebe’s kindergarten class. I am SO thankful for Tara, the other room mom. Because of her plans are underway for their “Halloween/Harvest party”. I am SPENT. So Thanks, TARA!!!

And it’s hunting season.


Gen said...

hey, wanna do a guest blog post on my blog about adoption and the crosses/fundraising you're doing?

Martha said...

Thanks for the driver's license renewal reminder! I saw that on your blog and went and renewed them online. THANKS!

U Silly Pickle said...

Gen - YES!!! I'd love to! Thank you for that opportunity.. Email me at usillypickle@comcast.net

Martha - you are very welcome! Mine actually doesn't expire til my bday 11/10, BUT it has our old address on it. Apparently the FBI is picky about having correct information and such ...hahaha!