Saturday, September 13, 2008

A few of Brogan's favorite things

Favorite thing numero uno: blanket. Numero dos: chocolate "choppy" milk. She cannot function without them.

My first pigtails! Seriously, could you just eat her up?! She sported this lovely ensemble (courtesy of Aunt Na and Uncle Matt) to a Braves game a few months ago. MP's office had "family night" at the game and Bee had a blast! I should also point out that she only wears dresses PERIOD! She will not even entertain the idea of wearing pants aka "devil sleeves" on her delicate legs. It's dresses or nothing. But not just any has to flair out when she twirls. I'm not even kidding. Every morning we have the same routine. We put on a dress and she spins around, saying "ta da!". If the dress doesn't flair, she proclaims, "It's not WORKING!" and promptly removes said dress. We then put on another dress, lather, rinse, repeat. Yes, I am very serious. Oh and as far as shoes go, just save yourself the trouble and let her pick out a pair. So what if she wants to wear a sundress and CROC rainboots (see Museum pics)?! - Just go with it. It's not worth it.

Yea, I wear my sunglasses at night! Who doesn't?! She loves her some sunglasses. She doesn't even care who they actually belong to. She asks to sleep in them sometimes.

Bee LOVES her stuffed animals....all of them. She doesn't have a favorite- she's an equal opportunity stuffed animal lover! She decided all her "babies" needed to watch Mickey Mouse (another favorite) with her. We don't question her....
Another favorite thing? Swaid's feet. She always ALWAYS wants to see them and touch them. Every day she asks to see his "peet". Once she sees them and touches them, she's good. I don't know why - she just does. It's precious though!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Museum of Natural Science

So, we took Brogan and Swaid to the science museum last weekend. Bee had the best time ever and loved everything about it, except for the dinosaurs. She was convinced they were going to "bite her". Swaid didn't really care about anything... :) Can you tell Bee dressed herself?
So, I've been asked a million times how Bee is adjusting to having Swaid around. Answer: She LOVES The day she met him she stepped in and swung at him. Serious gangsta style, closed fist punch. Fortunately, my MIL was holding him and managed to move him just in time. Bee ended up hitting my MIL instead. After that, she grabbed the cart he was wheeled in on and proceeded to ram it against the side of my hospital bed. At one point, she got it wedged between the chair my MIL was sitting in and the bed I was in, so then she just decided to kick it and punch it about a million times. All we could do was just watch and let her get it out of her system. After that, she was better. She ignored him for the rest of the night and she would ignore you if you were holding him. The next day we gave her jelly beans and said they were a gift from Swaid. She's loved him ever since! :)

Beckham Swaid Puckett

Beckham Swaid Puckett
Born 8/20/08
7 lbs 12 oz
20 1/4 inches
12: 45 pm

Proud daddy!