Friday, November 27, 2009

Things that Crossed My Mind Yesterday

Things that Crossed My Mind Yesterday:

1. Giblets have no place in gravy. Ever.

2. I don't even know what gizzards are.

3. How many different type of pickle can there be?

4. If Thanksgiving dinners were "Biggest Loser" challenges, I'd totally have immunity. Even Tracy would hate me.

5. Burping after a meal so delicious is affirmation that the meal was, indeed, delicious. It's like yelling "Amen" to a southern gospel preacher after a "hellfire and brimstone" sermon.

6. You're getting up at what time in the morning? To do what?! It's gonna be 29 degrees with a FREEZE ADVISORY, YOU MAD WOMAN. No. Don't call me. I'll be in bed. Oh, I'll get up at 2:00 AM alright, but it will be to pee. Maybe if my house was on fire, I'd get up for that too. No deal is worth all that. Ever.

7. Four different kinds of pie should be criminal.

8. I better volunteer to change this diaper, because I am most certain that I do not want the one generated by the boy AFTER he eats all this food....

9. Maybe MP won't catch on to my plot to leave him with the stinky....

10. I love this family so much my heart hurts. I love my husband with a love that Edward and Bella could only dream of. Yeah. I went there. And these kids? I am without words.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So thankful

Brogan is thankful for her "pray house"

MP and I are truly thankful for this family.

Aside from faith, family and friends, I am thankful to be waking up in the house we moved into 6 years ago today. It's a home filled with love & laughter & one that keeps us warm in winter, cool in summer & dry in the rain. It holds all our clothing & toys, allows us to prepare meals, & has hosted parties a plenty. We may not be featured on "Cribs", but to me? It is better than any mansion on any hillside anywhere. It's really more than I deserve.
*For some unknown reason, Ionly have pics of the back of our house? I don't know why- regardless, I am thankful for it...and my camera too!**

Monday, November 23, 2009

No time to post, but look how cute my kids are.

I know- could just just DIE at all the cuteness?!
I go bananas for these babies.

Seriously? No, SERIOUSLY?! He's got "Heart Breaker" stamped on his forehead.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doing Something Phenomenal

I kinda want to do something phenomenal today like write a book or deliver a baby in a taxi cab, but I'll settle for scrubbing all the toilets in my house. That's life-changing enough, right? No? I didn't think so either.

I feel like I've got a million things I NEED to do and like three things I really WANT to do. The grown up in me is all, "Chores before playtime! Set a good example for your children! Grocery shop! And for Pete's sake do some laundry, Woman, so your husband isn't left wearing the holey socks this week!" On the other hand, the kid inside of me is screaming, "Hush that nonsense, Crazy British Lady (I don't know why, but the adult in me is ALWAYS British)- let the kids fend for themselves. I wanna read a REAL book that doesn't involve Elmo or primary colors. And go run 3 miles while listening to anything but Barney songs. And go shopping, but not for groceries. And I'd really like to take a bath ALL BY MYSELF". And nowhere in my kid brain does it mention cooking, cleaning, bathing someone else, reading to someone else or laundry. NOWHERE. What to do? What to do?

Then we've got the third list of "Things I Both Need And Want To Do". Posting this blog was one of the two things that fell on this list. My dedication to you all led me to post this before doing anything else so consider that a big group hug. Your welcome. Plus, MP practically cattle prodded me to update with his friendly reminders of "People are going to quit following you if you never update." Wise words, indeed, but updating takes time, yo. Time that I have to sacrifice elsewhere. Methinks that "elsewhere" will be laundry today. I feel better already. I think we all know how much I hate "the laundry".

The only other thing that fell on both lists is running. Sigh. Running.... how I curse thy name upon thine lips and hate thee with a passion that burns brighter than that of ten thousand suns, yet strangely adore the way you make me feel immediately after. It's perplexing really. So, here's the thing. I have GOT to get healthy. I know I've posted before about the importance of healthy body images. Having said that, let me say this. I am not entering a downward spiral of unhealthy eating and excerise habits for the sake of "looking good". Not at all. In fact, I am perfectly comfortable with myself (AND the extra 15 lbs generously gifted to me by my children). However, I am NOT comfortable with the fact that I will be 31 years old on Tuesday (gifts not required, but always appreciated. Thx) and have both high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Not cool. Not cool at all. I have always been "borderline" even back when I was eating like Bob & Jillian, running regularly and training for half marathons. It's hereditary (Thanks mom and dad! I would have preferred a trust fund, I'm just sayin'.) so it's something that I've dealt with, BUT I have been allowing myself to excuse exercising because I am "too busy". I have been eating "junk" because it's convenient and that alone is not healthy at all. If I lose weight as a by-product of exercising and eating clean, then great- so long as I am healthy.

Getting started again has been tough though. When I first started running several years ago, it was exciting and new. I couldn't imagine what running 13 miles would be like, but I was determined to find out. Then when I did it, I was stoked because I'd just conquered a mountain. Now, four years later, I KNOW what it feels like to run 13 miles and I distinctly remember how much it hurts. Knowing that makes it much harder for me to commit to another half marathon, but I did and I plan on running the New Orleans half in Feb 2010.

So, now that I've had a minute to myself, I am going to put my running clothes on and am logging 3 miles today. That's not a lot, I know, but I have 16 weeks to race time and am starting back out as a newbie. I've been running 1.5 a couple days a week, so I'll just be thankful if my heart doesn't give out at mile 2. Wish me luck!