Friday, November 27, 2009

Things that Crossed My Mind Yesterday

Things that Crossed My Mind Yesterday:

1. Giblets have no place in gravy. Ever.

2. I don't even know what gizzards are.

3. How many different type of pickle can there be?

4. If Thanksgiving dinners were "Biggest Loser" challenges, I'd totally have immunity. Even Tracy would hate me.

5. Burping after a meal so delicious is affirmation that the meal was, indeed, delicious. It's like yelling "Amen" to a southern gospel preacher after a "hellfire and brimstone" sermon.

6. You're getting up at what time in the morning? To do what?! It's gonna be 29 degrees with a FREEZE ADVISORY, YOU MAD WOMAN. No. Don't call me. I'll be in bed. Oh, I'll get up at 2:00 AM alright, but it will be to pee. Maybe if my house was on fire, I'd get up for that too. No deal is worth all that. Ever.

7. Four different kinds of pie should be criminal.

8. I better volunteer to change this diaper, because I am most certain that I do not want the one generated by the boy AFTER he eats all this food....

9. Maybe MP won't catch on to my plot to leave him with the stinky....

10. I love this family so much my heart hurts. I love my husband with a love that Edward and Bella could only dream of. Yeah. I went there. And these kids? I am without words.

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