Sunday, January 31, 2010

God's Moving in me, yo!

Oh, wow. I just realized I haven't been on here in over two weeks. My bad, dawg. I really considered making "Update Blog daily" a New Year's Resolution, but since I tend not to keep those anyway I thought the point was moot. I know it sounds cliche' to be all "things have been super busy, blah, blah, blah" so I'll at least spare you that. You're welcome.

In the past few weeks:
~I made no resolutions.
~Swaid has gotten like a mouth of shark teeth. They just seem to be appearing everywhere.
~Brogan is sassier than ever and I'm pretty sure her mouth is going to get her places.
~MP has hunted, and hunted some more.
~I have done laundry for what seems to be eternity.

~I have become involved with Decision Counseling at church on Sundays and really enjoy it. I'm pretty sure that with my "diverse" background (see ALL PREVIOUS POSTS), it's a good fit for me. Plus, if all my baggage can be used for God's glory then really, HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I can be all, "In your face, Satan!" and it feels good. True story- on the night before my Mentor meeting, I was filled with self-doubt. Satan was all, "you are no good, you're a loser, look at what you've done. You ought to be ashamed and so on." So I said (out loud), "You know what? Suck an egg, Satan!" or something of the sort and immediately, the weight of guilt and regret was lifted. True, it was not my finest choice of words, but it was effective. Plus, it's Satan, not the Queen of England. He gets no respect from me.

~I ALSO have a mentor now.....thru church. I guess I should have clarified that when I made mention of that on Facebook, as my sister-in-law thought it was a cry for help and called me thinking I was in need of psychiatric assistance. Bless her. Tis not the case at all. My mentor is nothing short of AMAZING and I'm pretty sure I'll love her forever. Plus, she said I was cute and since I can totally be bought with compliments I think we'll make it just fine. If any of you ladies are considering the Mentor/Mentee relationship- "JUST DO IT!" Consider that my audition to be the next Nike spokesman, despite my lack of athleticism. The next session is in May and I'm pretty stoked about it. I will probably sign up to be a Mentor next go 'round, well not the next one in May, but the one after that.

~God's moving in me. For a long time I'd gotten "stale." I'm not proud of it, but it's true. The past few weeks I have been overcome with God's presence. He's been leading me to get involved with Decision Counseling and Mentoring. I truly feel He's preparing me to lead young girls?, teens?, old people?, SOMEONE. I'm nervous, but excited to see where I am placed to serve. I know I have gone through a lot of bad things in life, things I wouldn't wish on anyone. But you know what? I came out just fine. I walked throught the fire and was not burned. I passed through the water and was not overcome, as promised in Isaiah 43:2. I know He's preparing me for something, I'm just not quite sure what. He has given me a love of writing and thru that, He's allowed me to write some things that others have used for their Teen church groups. There is nothing better than to get emails asking if they can use your post as a tool for God's glory. Not in a selfish, "look what I did" kind of way, but in a "OMG- I can see God using me RIGHT NOW and through Him I'm able to reveal His love and mercy and break it down on a teenager's level to where they understand because we ALL know what teenagers are like these days BLESS THEIR HEARTS.. OMG. Wow. Like totally." You guys- God's working thru me and HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

On a side note:

~Um. Our fish are doing well. I realize not knowing that would have kept you up at night, so there you go.

~MP remains the best husband/baby daddy in the world. Hands down.

~I can't update Facebook from my iPhone anymore. Apparently, when I updated the latest version of Facebook on my phone it had some kinks in it- the program, not the phone. In the meantime I'm using Twitter and it seems to be working out well. I did not realize my relationship with Facebook was a co-dependant one. Who knew?

~I started running again and actually changed my work hours to accommodate it. How sick is that?

~I still love dentist visits, despite the whole "drill in my tongue" incident.

~My caffeine addiction is now at its finest since the addition of "Keurig" or as I like to reference as "Our Third Child".

~I still think tattoos are awesome, despite having none myself.

~This morning I had a stern "talking to" with my washer and dryer. No lie.

~My children are still "silly pickles"

I had really planned on penning more; however, I suspect that "goat-bleating" coming from the back bedroom isn't actually a farm animal, but rather my son who has risen and is declaring, "The time is now, woman." so I must go for he waits for no one.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

So as of late, I have begun running during my lunch hour. And by "late", I mean "yesterday" and by "running", I mean really more of a walk/jog combo. I am totally not kidding about that either. Anyway, yesterday Nat and I were able to put in 2.2 miles and I thought I was going to die. For serious. I needed an inhaler for breath and a chip/sprite combo to fight the nausea. And plus, for a little while during the run I had decreed us "not even friends anymore" because she is in shape and I am not. SHE MADE ME RUN HILLS AND SHE SABOTAGED THAT BY SUPPLYING ME A COUGH DROP WITH FILLING IN IT AND I DID NOT KNOW UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE AND SAID COUGH DROP EXPLODED IN MY MOUTH AND CAUSED ME TO GAG AND ALMOST VOMIT. I HATED HER FOR A MINUTE OR TWO. REALLY. I DID. I should mention that I have not run in, quite honestly, I CANNOT TELL YOU WHEN. I literally have no idea, but I can say with absolute certainty that it's been several months. Maybe 5, maybe 8 - I DO.NOT.KNOW. I survived though. And then? Afterwards? I felt like a million bucks. So fast forward to today. We decided to run nearby and we ran a different route, one that should have been an easy 3 miler. It was not easy. In fact, it was not even 3 miles. I just google-mapped that "easy" three mile run to find out that I actually ran FOUR. FOUR WHOLE MILES AND I FEEL GREAT. I was actually back in my office, IN my office working clothes AND full makeup within the hour.

Can I get a what? what?

So, that's gonna be my new thing, I think. I hesitate to say that because then if I decide I hate it, I'll look like a quitter. Whatever. It's good for me. See I very rarely leave for lunch anyway and I never ever exercise, so doing this a couple times a week should do me good- Both mentally and physically.

What else?

That's about it- HOLLA!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life Lesson

I might could get behind the whole "if its yellow, let it mellow" if I were at home. Alone. But this is never acceptable for the WorkPlace. It does not make you earth-friendly, it makes you gross. Also, if its brown- its ALWAYS down. Please take note Second Floor Residents.