Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our first blog

Since this is our very first blog ever, I'd thought I'd take a minute to introduce you all the cast of "The Puckett Family", featuring Marty & Christy Puckett as "Mama and Dada".

The role of "lazy cat", will be played by Macy Gray Cat.

Playing the parts of the lovable, furry lab children are Woodrow, Annabelle (left to right) and Tallulah Bleu (no photo available-her agent could not be reached)

And featuring the star of the show.....Ms. Brogan Elyse Puckett "aka Nugget or Bee"
Marty and I have been married almost 6 years now (woo-hoo 6/16!). We have had nothing but a wonderful marriage! God has truly blessed us with the best family and friends anyone could ask for. Until May 2, 2006, Woodrow (10yrs - he came with Marty!), Annabelle (5yrs), Gray Cat (4yrs) and Tallulah Bleu (2yrs) had been our "little furry family". Ms. Brogan Elyse made her debut @ 4:28 pm that day and our lives have been forever changed! That little girl is a gift from the Lord. She has her Mama's blue eyes and her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger.