Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pickle's back. Back again. Pickle's back. Tell a friend.


So much has happened in my life over the past year, but it can basically be summed up like this: kids, man. No one told me that when you had kids, life basically stops and all your hobbies are dropped like bad habits. No one. It HAS been pretty awesome though. In the past year, Bebe became a seven year old level two green belt in tae kwon do ninja warrior, Sir turned four and plans to be the next David Beckham, we adopted three year old, LP, from Ug@nda, and MP had to talk me out of selling all of our worldly possessions and moving us all across the ocean to Africa to live with and serve orphans. I was serious. He was not. I’ll wear him down one day. Trust.

Also, we’ve gotten two cats, one cat ran away, but we still have the angry, hate-filled cat that my kids call “Stoppit”. But you have to say it with demon-possessed disgust. That’s how you pronounce it correctly. She hates us way more than we hate her, but she lives outside and kills stuff a lot so she stays. Plus, we're afraid of her. Have you seen Pet Semetary?

What else? Oh, we released our catfish, Jerry, into the wild because he became too big to live in our fish tank. And he ate all the other fish so that earned him a one-way ticket to the Reservoir. Once he was gone we bought some goldfish affectionately known as “Feeta”, “Fishy”, and my personal favorite “Colonel Mustard”.  They are worthless, but the kids enjoy feeding them so there's that five minute entertainment every day. It buys me silence for *blink* THAT long.
MP and I are doing well. We celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary this past weekend which was awesome because it was also Father's Day and our nieces birthday. And I was sick. We need a do-over celebration is what I'm saying.
And finally, since I last blogged, I changed jobs twice, MP was promoted and has also started a side business with two other partners, I won a personal trainer for 90 days, lost 15#, and subsequently gained it all back as soon as LP arrived home, and we are now a two-minivan family. So how cool is THAT?!
I’m tired a lot. LP is adjusting to us. The older kids are adjusting to LP. It's not easy, but it's wonderful. We work hard, we play hard, we love hard and we laugh a lot.

It’s been a big year.