Monday, December 1, 2008

Brief Synopsis of The Puckett Family Chaos

Wow. So much has happened lately. We have all been battling one illness after another since October 1st and I am not even kidding about the date. Seriously, it’s been tough. Both kids had RSV for about 10 days – at different times of course. Once they recovered, they both got bronchitis the VERY.NEXT.WEEK. Thank goodness for my MIL. She practically lived with us for 3 weeks! Once both Brogan and Swaid were well enough to go back to school, guess what? I’ll take “Pneumonia” for $500, Alex. Yea. So I had apparently contracted something from one of my carrier monkeys that developed into pneumonia. I’m still waiting on the chest xray bill. It was great.

Also, it just came to my attention that I have not even written a blog about Beck aka “Big Swaid” in a really long time. He’s 3 months old now and is quite large. +95% in both length and weight. He outgrew newborn in 1 week and outgrew 0-3 month clothes 2 months ago. He is now sporting 3-6 month clothing and a whopping size 3 diaper. He hasn’t been weighed in about a month, but he was over 14 lbs then. If the scale doesn’t say he’s AT LEAST 16 lbs by now, then that scale would be wrong because he is big, yo! He is so stinkin’ sweet. He’s also a good eater (6-8 oz 5 or 6 times a day), GREAT sleeper (7pm – 7am, plus naps during the day) and can burp louder than most adult men (breaks the sound barrier). I’m so proud.

Oh, and I turned 30 a few weeks ago and feel surprisingly unaffected by it. I’d heard horror stories like how your metabolism quits working and your boobies run away and hide behind your knees, but tis not true, my friends. Not true at all! I feel great!

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I hope you all had a great time. We ate an embarrassing amount of food, but we gave thanks for it so it makes our gluttony totally ok. :)

I’ll post pics when I can figure out how to get them converted to jpg format after emailing them to myself from my phone. Suggestions?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A few of Brogan's favorite things

Favorite thing numero uno: blanket. Numero dos: chocolate "choppy" milk. She cannot function without them.

My first pigtails! Seriously, could you just eat her up?! She sported this lovely ensemble (courtesy of Aunt Na and Uncle Matt) to a Braves game a few months ago. MP's office had "family night" at the game and Bee had a blast! I should also point out that she only wears dresses PERIOD! She will not even entertain the idea of wearing pants aka "devil sleeves" on her delicate legs. It's dresses or nothing. But not just any has to flair out when she twirls. I'm not even kidding. Every morning we have the same routine. We put on a dress and she spins around, saying "ta da!". If the dress doesn't flair, she proclaims, "It's not WORKING!" and promptly removes said dress. We then put on another dress, lather, rinse, repeat. Yes, I am very serious. Oh and as far as shoes go, just save yourself the trouble and let her pick out a pair. So what if she wants to wear a sundress and CROC rainboots (see Museum pics)?! - Just go with it. It's not worth it.

Yea, I wear my sunglasses at night! Who doesn't?! She loves her some sunglasses. She doesn't even care who they actually belong to. She asks to sleep in them sometimes.

Bee LOVES her stuffed animals....all of them. She doesn't have a favorite- she's an equal opportunity stuffed animal lover! She decided all her "babies" needed to watch Mickey Mouse (another favorite) with her. We don't question her....
Another favorite thing? Swaid's feet. She always ALWAYS wants to see them and touch them. Every day she asks to see his "peet". Once she sees them and touches them, she's good. I don't know why - she just does. It's precious though!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Museum of Natural Science

So, we took Brogan and Swaid to the science museum last weekend. Bee had the best time ever and loved everything about it, except for the dinosaurs. She was convinced they were going to "bite her". Swaid didn't really care about anything... :) Can you tell Bee dressed herself?
So, I've been asked a million times how Bee is adjusting to having Swaid around. Answer: She LOVES The day she met him she stepped in and swung at him. Serious gangsta style, closed fist punch. Fortunately, my MIL was holding him and managed to move him just in time. Bee ended up hitting my MIL instead. After that, she grabbed the cart he was wheeled in on and proceeded to ram it against the side of my hospital bed. At one point, she got it wedged between the chair my MIL was sitting in and the bed I was in, so then she just decided to kick it and punch it about a million times. All we could do was just watch and let her get it out of her system. After that, she was better. She ignored him for the rest of the night and she would ignore you if you were holding him. The next day we gave her jelly beans and said they were a gift from Swaid. She's loved him ever since! :)

Beckham Swaid Puckett

Beckham Swaid Puckett
Born 8/20/08
7 lbs 12 oz
20 1/4 inches
12: 45 pm

Proud daddy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Things

I know- I've been a major slacker lately here in the blogging dept. There was been so much going on that I just don't even know where to start, so I'll just get random with it:

1- Brogan is starting to potty to train, which excites me beyond belief! Plus, her mad language skillz continue to astonish us each day. She is so stinkin' smart! She is 26 months old and counts to 11, says her ABC's, knows a good number of her colors and can recognize basics shapes (heart, star, square, circle and most recently, triangle). She loves to read and to sing and she says her blessing before her meals all by herself now: It goes like this:

God, gweat
God, good
dank you food

2- I joined a new Bunko group last month and I just realized that we'll meet again in 2 weeks! I very much enjoy meeting new people and hope to develop some close friendships.

3- Swaid is due in approx t-4 weeks and we're way excited! During my maternity leave from work, I'm hoping to be able to attend a few playdates with my newfound friend, Jamye M. :)

4- My sweet co-workers are throwing a baby shower here at work today for me and our receptionist, Crystal. We're almost 11 weeks apart (me being in the lead, of course!). I'm hoping to post pictures later, but really can't make any promises! :)

5- I have the very best husband in the whole wide world! He has been so good to me and so good with taking care of Brogan, cleaning the house, helping with laundry, cooking, etc - you name it and he's hands-on about it! I know these next 4'ish weeks aren't going to be easy, but he's just been wonderful about it and I am so, so appreciative and thankful for him!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Girls Beach Trip!

Kim Sims & Amy Parkes - two of my V/B/F/F!!!

Standing: me, Amy Parkes

Sitting: Missy McMinn, Laurie Sledge and Jamie Ozier - I LOVE THEM GIRLS!!!!

The "G-Unit", that's just how we roll......

The above pic was taken by our (very rude) waitress....the G-Unit knows what I'm talking about....This is everyone, but Ronnie H. We missed you Ronnie!

Yea, so we actually went more than a month ago. I'm just REALLY slow at getting it posted! :)

Back in April, our small group girls (well, all but you RONNIE! haha), also known as "The G-Unit" spent the weekend at the Oziers' beach house and it was fantabulous! OK, so the trip itself was awesome, what we missed here? Not so much. It was the weekend that all the tornadoes came through Brandon/Ridgeland area. We didn't even know there was bad weather until we were about 45 minutes from the beach! We panicked then, but it was too late to turn around so we kept on truckin'. Once we got to the house and confirmed with our husbands that A) our children were ok and B) our houses were still standing, we decided to get an early start on some fried seafood! We ate and shopped all weekend....then we had a makeshift Church Service on the beach Sunday AM. It was awesome! We talked about what the Lord was doing in our lives and before we knew it, we were singing praise and worship music to tons of tourists on the beach! It was so much fun that I actually considered asking Chip to look into a Pinelake Orange Beach Campus..... I'm pretty sure we would NEVER miss a Sunday :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Brogan pics

This is how we found Brogan in bed the other day. She had apparently woken up, put her tennis shoes on (the wrong feet, sans socks) and gone back to sleep!

Someone wanted to "tee-tee inna potty, mommy!" Only she never did. She just likes to sit on it!

Who is a Princess?! I bought this skirt at Mistletoe last year and forgot about it! Brogan saw it hanging in the hall closet and wanted to wear it. It took me FOREVER to get her out of that thing... she wanted to sleep in it!
Where did the time go? Our little girl will be 2 on May 2! This cannot be! I want my baby back!!!! :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a........

So yea, MP and I are having a boy! Beckham Swaid Puckett shall be arriving sometime in August - BE PREPARED!!! If he is anything like his sister, he will be a handful! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UFC 82: Pride of a Champion

This is Dan "Hendo" Henderson. He actually fought for the middleweight title, but lost to Anderson "The Spider" Silva that night. It's a shame too, because we REALLY wanted Hendo to win. See that guy below? That's Rich "Ace" Franklin. He WAS the middleweight champion until Anderson Silva beat him too. We like Anderson Silva, but we HEART Rich Franklin. If Hendo had won, then Rich Franklin could have fought Hendo and gotten his title back! I mean, Rich could totally take Hendo! Unfortunately, that fight won't come to pass because Anderson Silva is unstoppable.

Seriously, I LOVE the UFC! MP and I have been faithful followers of the sport for like a million years and we can't get enough of it. So for his birthday this year, I thought it would be cool to actually see one live. So, I bought us tickets and we flew to Columbus, OH to see it! It was AWESOME and we'd love to go to another one!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Puckettpalooza 08

Hey guys! We made it back from our world wind tour or what I like to call “Puckettpalooza ‘08”. No autographs please. I am exhausted and I seriously need a break from vacationing. Weird, huh? Anyway, MP and I went snow skiing for the first time in my life and it was awesome! We went with 2 of our VBFF, Chris and Missy McMinn – CHILDFREE FOR 5 DAYS, BABY! We decided to go to Copper Mountain Resort in Dillon, CO. The McMinns had been there before and loved it and MP has been snow skiing before, so he didn’t really care where we went, he was just stoked to go. I was a little apprehensive and 100% positive that I would hate it because 1) I don’t like to be cold and 2) I’m 4 months pregnant, yo. We flew into Denver on a Saturday and drove to Ft. Collins to stay the night with MP’s sister, Darla, and her family. They were great hosts! There’s a place in Ft Collins called Olde Towne. It’s THE coolest place on the planet and we had a blast. Darla, Missy and I found ourselves dancing to a reggae band called 21/21 Cricket in the middle of the street with about 50 other people, while MP, Victor, Chris and our nephews, Brenden and Brooks walked around town. Afterwards we ate dinner and headed back to the house for a rousing Wii tournament. I decided right then, I MUST own a Wii. So, the next morning we loaded up and the 4 of us headed to Copper Mountain, where upon signing in, Missy and I headed to ski school. Not so much to learn to ski like an Olympian, but mainly to learn to fall properly without breaking anything. Our instructor was great and our class was small so we really had one-on-one training, which was great. Marty and Chris didn’t need ski school for their mad mountain skillz rival that of Shawn “The Flying Tomato” White. Pretty soon Missy was right up there with them too! She was great!! I decided to keep it short and only skied until lunch each day (on the beginner slopes!) and rested in the afternoons! So we got home late Wednesday night and on Saturday, AM, MP and I flew out again, but this time for Columbus, OH leg of the tour….. This saga will continue……

I will post ski pictures later. I am a boob and brought my camera to work with said pics on it. Well, instead of copying from the camera, I cut. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal, EXCEPT I accidentally downloaded them in the “Administrator” portion of “My Computer” and now I can’t retrieve them, because I don’t have access to that. And because I’d CUT them, they are no longer on my camera! Fortunately, Marty put them on his laptop as soon as we got home….. He’s my photo hero, is what he is!

Random Pics

Brogan would like you all to know that she is "Anna's Girl!"

Brogan would also like you to know that she did NOT eat the cookies and she is unsure as to where they actually went. Mysterious, no?

Thursday, January 17, 2008