Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Things

I know- I've been a major slacker lately here in the blogging dept. There was been so much going on that I just don't even know where to start, so I'll just get random with it:

1- Brogan is starting to potty to train, which excites me beyond belief! Plus, her mad language skillz continue to astonish us each day. She is so stinkin' smart! She is 26 months old and counts to 11, says her ABC's, knows a good number of her colors and can recognize basics shapes (heart, star, square, circle and most recently, triangle). She loves to read and to sing and she says her blessing before her meals all by herself now: It goes like this:

God, gweat
God, good
dank you food

2- I joined a new Bunko group last month and I just realized that we'll meet again in 2 weeks! I very much enjoy meeting new people and hope to develop some close friendships.

3- Swaid is due in approx t-4 weeks and we're way excited! During my maternity leave from work, I'm hoping to be able to attend a few playdates with my newfound friend, Jamye M. :)

4- My sweet co-workers are throwing a baby shower here at work today for me and our receptionist, Crystal. We're almost 11 weeks apart (me being in the lead, of course!). I'm hoping to post pictures later, but really can't make any promises! :)

5- I have the very best husband in the whole wide world! He has been so good to me and so good with taking care of Brogan, cleaning the house, helping with laundry, cooking, etc - you name it and he's hands-on about it! I know these next 4'ish weeks aren't going to be easy, but he's just been wonderful about it and I am so, so appreciative and thankful for him!