Thursday, May 22, 2008

Girls Beach Trip!

Kim Sims & Amy Parkes - two of my V/B/F/F!!!

Standing: me, Amy Parkes

Sitting: Missy McMinn, Laurie Sledge and Jamie Ozier - I LOVE THEM GIRLS!!!!

The "G-Unit", that's just how we roll......

The above pic was taken by our (very rude) waitress....the G-Unit knows what I'm talking about....This is everyone, but Ronnie H. We missed you Ronnie!

Yea, so we actually went more than a month ago. I'm just REALLY slow at getting it posted! :)

Back in April, our small group girls (well, all but you RONNIE! haha), also known as "The G-Unit" spent the weekend at the Oziers' beach house and it was fantabulous! OK, so the trip itself was awesome, what we missed here? Not so much. It was the weekend that all the tornadoes came through Brandon/Ridgeland area. We didn't even know there was bad weather until we were about 45 minutes from the beach! We panicked then, but it was too late to turn around so we kept on truckin'. Once we got to the house and confirmed with our husbands that A) our children were ok and B) our houses were still standing, we decided to get an early start on some fried seafood! We ate and shopped all weekend....then we had a makeshift Church Service on the beach Sunday AM. It was awesome! We talked about what the Lord was doing in our lives and before we knew it, we were singing praise and worship music to tons of tourists on the beach! It was so much fun that I actually considered asking Chip to look into a Pinelake Orange Beach Campus..... I'm pretty sure we would NEVER miss a Sunday :)

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Boomer,Sabrina, & Grant said...

Hey!! I saw your blog on Jenny-Anne's. I read that you were pregnant! That is wonderful news! I know you guys are so excited. Do you guys know yet what it will be? Well be in prayer for Boomer and I. We are tying to move back to Flowood. So we are trying to desperatly to sell our house. It is a beautiful house but in a bad location. So please pray hard. Check our blog out and I would love to keep in touch! Love and miss you.