Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

So as of late, I have begun running during my lunch hour. And by "late", I mean "yesterday" and by "running", I mean really more of a walk/jog combo. I am totally not kidding about that either. Anyway, yesterday Nat and I were able to put in 2.2 miles and I thought I was going to die. For serious. I needed an inhaler for breath and a chip/sprite combo to fight the nausea. And plus, for a little while during the run I had decreed us "not even friends anymore" because she is in shape and I am not. SHE MADE ME RUN HILLS AND SHE SABOTAGED THAT BY SUPPLYING ME A COUGH DROP WITH FILLING IN IT AND I DID NOT KNOW UNTIL IT WAS TOO LATE AND SAID COUGH DROP EXPLODED IN MY MOUTH AND CAUSED ME TO GAG AND ALMOST VOMIT. I HATED HER FOR A MINUTE OR TWO. REALLY. I DID. I should mention that I have not run in, quite honestly, I CANNOT TELL YOU WHEN. I literally have no idea, but I can say with absolute certainty that it's been several months. Maybe 5, maybe 8 - I DO.NOT.KNOW. I survived though. And then? Afterwards? I felt like a million bucks. So fast forward to today. We decided to run nearby and we ran a different route, one that should have been an easy 3 miler. It was not easy. In fact, it was not even 3 miles. I just google-mapped that "easy" three mile run to find out that I actually ran FOUR. FOUR WHOLE MILES AND I FEEL GREAT. I was actually back in my office, IN my office working clothes AND full makeup within the hour.

Can I get a what? what?

So, that's gonna be my new thing, I think. I hesitate to say that because then if I decide I hate it, I'll look like a quitter. Whatever. It's good for me. See I very rarely leave for lunch anyway and I never ever exercise, so doing this a couple times a week should do me good- Both mentally and physically.

What else?

That's about it- HOLLA!

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