Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just Wait....

This time next year, we are going to have three children. God willing.

This time next year, I’ll be ordering another Pottery Barn Kids Christmas stocking. For our third child.

Three. Children.

Will it be our boy, Summit? Or will it be our girl, Whitley? OR BOTH.

Four? Children?

My breathing pattern just got a little erratic. And I may have just died for a minute.

I’m teetering on the border of Fantasy and Reality right now. In my mind, three kids is gonna be all rainbows and unicorns. Everyone gets along, no one whines and they all love broccoli. And sleeping in their own beds. In fact, in MY mind, teeth brushing is THE.GREATEST.THING.EVER, they put themselves to bed at 8pm sharp and CANNOT wait for school the next day.

But then I’m slapped backed into reality when the two kids we already have start whining, pinching and crying because kid A doesn’t want to watch Dora while Kid B thinks that Dora hung the moon and wants to run off and marry her when he’s old enough. Kid A thinks Dora is stupid and prefers Hannah Montana or Wizards of Waverly or something that Kid B doesn’t quite understand. Kid B pinches Kid A because Kid A has suddenly decided to ride the Dora 4 wheeler that may or may not even belong to Kid B, but he’s convinced it does so he pinches Kid A. Kid A tells, Kid B gets punished and Kid A gloats about it. Kia A gets sent to her room for gloating. This all happens before dinner so naturally no one is hungry anymore. Until bedtime. Then suddenly it’s like no one’s thirst can be quenched EVER. And I tell myself, that this? Is reality for now because just wait- next year, WE’LL HAVE THREE OF EM.

But then they apologize and hug me. They sing me songs. We snuggle together, read books, tuck them in and say their prayers. My heart is happy and then I remember that this? Is reality for now because just wait- next year, WE’LL HAVE THREE OF EM.


Amanda said...

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. I just can't wipe,the grin off my face!!! I need to hear more! ;)

Tee said...

So happy for you and MP! Like Amanda, I can't wait to hear more!