Monday, September 19, 2011

The Adoption Option

I’ve made no secret that we have tossed around the idea of “Adoption” for a little while now. That word alone evokes all kinds of emotions and my mind conjures up the picture of a Word Cloud. Do you remember those? Well, the one in my head says the following:


Like, Crazy Expensive!
Time consuming
Home Study

But it also says:

James 1:27
I was adopted thru Christ
Big enough house
No valid reason not too

Since our visit to Uganda, MP and I both feel like adoption is meant for our family. And we are fortunate enough to be able to afford a third or even fourth mouth the feed, clothe, school, care for, marry off one day, etc. The problem is the Initial Expense. I don’t have $20k lying around. But what I do have is a crazy talented husband, amazing friends, & some creativity. Also, I’m resorting to soliciting. I have no shame.

I’ve listed the crosses on Etsy (btw, no orders have been forgotten we just couldn’t make them before our trip- MP is working on the remaining orders now). Please consider these crosses for Christmas Gifts, birthday gifts, Hey-Look-It’s-Tuesday! gifts, etc. I’ll also be working on a tee shirt to sell ($25) AND I’m working on a “Best Of” type Facebook Quote book. It’s just a little lighthearted funny book of Facebook posts ($15). Oh, and Ugandan paper beaded necklaces. We bought some in Uganda to sell for our adoption ($20 per necklace).

So far, we’ve been able to cut our expenses at home by the following:

1- A strict weekly budget. I don’t like this one. At all.

2- I cut out my beloved Keurig coffee because I drink a lot of coffee and its expensive- I’m back to the old coffee pot now but saving $40 month. This one cut me LIKE.A.KNIFE.

3- We don’t have a gym membership or home phone to cut, so our utilities are pretty standard. Except cable. We haven’t canceled that, but I’m seriously tempted. Except our kids might stage a revolt against us.

4- Brown bagging it. We’re trying to limit our eating out to Sunday lunch only. Even then it is usually someplace where one or both kids eat free.

5- Oh! We have a boat for sale! I’ll ask MP to do a guest post soon about that. He’s the boat guy.

6- Our cell phone plan is about as cheap as we can go, so that’s not really an option and we have to keep internet at home.

7- I’ve been trying to remember to adjust our thermostat before leaving the house to cut costs as well.

8- Christmas gifts are being bought on a weekly basis as our budget allows. Santa has been asked to limit the number of gifts he brings this year.

9- I’m a couponer.

If you have ANY suggestions as to how to raise the money OR any ideas on cutting our monthly expenses, please let me know!



Alison said...

Girl, I know God is going to provide everything ya'll need!!! So excited to follow your journey!

hannah singer said...

amen. he will provide! i'll keep praying for funds to roll your way.
in his time, it'll be done!

love you so much!

The Fruitful Family said...

When He calls, He equips! He's Jehovah Jireh. He's our provider! Plus, He told me that you need a little Africa in your lives!

Kelley E. said...

Somehow I stumbled across your blog and your post yesterday really reminded me of where I was about 12 months ago! My husband and I just adopted a little girl and we did a couple of different fundraisers. At first we were a little skeptical about "fundraising" for our adoption but after talking to a few people who had adopted recently and attending an information session with our agency, we decided to go for it! We've done an adoption puzzle and we have a huge yard sale event planned for this weekend (it was planned before we were matched and placed). Good luck with your adoption! God is so good and if adoption is what He is calling your family to do, He will make a way!