Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Altering VS Life Changing

Last night, MP and I had the privilege of viewing the documentary “Bereaved” for the second time. I can honestly say that the first time it was life altering; however, the second time, it is life changing. There is a difference. According to Webster’s Dictionary (which is basically my inner nerd’s BFF) to alter means “to make different without changing into something else”; however, to change means “to make radically different: transform”. Do you understand? I only THOUGHT our lives were changed after the first time. But I was so very wrong. I was simply altered and last night proved that. Since seeing this film the first time I’ve had time to process, to question, to research, and to pray. Seeing it the SECOND time made it very, VERY real to me. I am forever changed.

If you guys EVER get an opportunity to hear a member of the Sixty Feet team speak, I would encourage you to go. Like, do not stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect yo $200. Just get there.



Lara said...

Hi Christy,

Thanks so much for your sweet comment. You will have an amazing time in Uganda with some wonderful people. Praying for your trip!!

The Fruitful Family said...

I've seen the film about a dozen times and each time I see it, it goes deeper and deeper (and I cry harder and harder). Thus the power of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you all for hosting another SixtyFeet event and blessings in such amazing ways!

hannah singer said...

amen. i needed this reminder today-the difference between the two.

love you!