Thursday, June 23, 2011


If you know me at all you would know that I am the Queen of Preparedness. Like, I’m practically a 32 year old Eagle Scout when it comes to having things handy. For instance, if you told me right this minute that you needed scotch tape, sunscreen, an air compressor, multivitamins, a screwdriver (of Phillips or Flathead variety), a lighter, mosquito spray, tire repair kit, or scissors I could go to my van and hep a sista out. I’ve got things in my van that Jack Bauer and McGuyver HIMSELF would be proud of. And you don’t even WANT to know what kind of things this mama keeps in her purse. And Germ-X. Lots and lots of Germ-X. My point is that I like to be prepared. For anything…

I’m also a bit of a germy, like I hate bacteria’s guts, so keep that in mind. And ok, I’m a little bit of a control freak. And I’ve been called an “over-achiever” on more than one occasion. It is just who I am. I like color coded Excel spreadsheets. I was born to make lists and cooking meals in advance makes me smile. Don’t even get me started on the joy that a coupon gives me. I thrive on organization. And structure. And comfort. And coffee. OK, mostly coffee…
I said all of that to preface this: Africa in tee minus 72 days, y’all. 72 DAYS! And what do control freak/over-achievers do 10 weeks in advance? We make lists and we fight the urge to pack. My list is gonna be pretty awesome, too. And then it will be laminated because lamination makes things more OFFICIAL. And I will smile then. BUT I cannot smile right now. And do you know why? I will tell you.
I am shallow.
Ouch. In reviewing my lists of “things I NEED” and “things I need to do” I can’t help but feel like I am Tom Cruise tall. That means I’m short. And so, so small. Somehow my list of “Needs” consists of the following:
1-     I NEED new Tom’s shoes
2-     MP NEEDS new crocs
3-     I NEED several new long skirts
4-     I NEED to find a cute messenger bag for the plane
5-     I NEED to hit the tanning bed
6-     I NEED to make sure I get my hair appt scheduled before we leave
7-     I NEED to bleach my teeth
Do you see where I am going with this? Apparently my views of “Needs” are skewed. I am a crazy person if I truly believe I NEED a new messenger bag. Or anything else for that matter. What kind of person lives in such a way that “things” and “cosmetic serves” become necessity? The answer? Most of us, myself included. And I feel shame. Sure it’s ok for me to have these things, but it is not OK for me to put them along the lines of food, water, shelter, Jesus.
I pray that my eyes will continuously be opened to the frivolities of my life and for conviction. Not that I should never have anything new or nice, but that I will always recognize a “need” versus a “want.”
I SHOULD be preparing for this by PRAYER. And FAITH. Not with Tom's or highlights....

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