Friday, January 14, 2011

The Day that Wouldn't End

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day for me. It started at 1:45 AM when I was awakened by a violent smell. No kidding. No noise. Just a smell. Immediately I knew that I should have let both my dogs deal with the winter weather outside AS NATURE INTENDED. But no, I felt bad because dude, it was 19 degrees. After cleaning up their mess(es – PLURAL!), I began mopping my floor at 2:00 AM. TWO! You guys. I should have prefaced that by saying that we do not own twee little yappy dogs – NAY! We own two very large Labrador Retrievers. And very large Labrador Retrievers produce very large excrement piles. TRUE FACT! You can quote me.

Stupid dogs.

I was finally able to get back in bed around 2:30 AM, but could NOT shake the smell that, I swear, had permeated my cilia. It was so strong that I got out of bed AGAIN at 2:45 just to make rounds and check my slippers because I would have bet a blonde hair of my eldest child that I’d missed a pile. I had not. Finally I was able to go back to sleep for a brief moment before our 5:30 AM alarm clock sounded. Woo. Hoo!

Stupid poo.

Upon waking at 5:30 AM I noticed I had a slight headache. You know the kind. It was more irritating than painful, so two Advil and a cup of coffee and I was set! Or so I thought. By 11:00 AM, I felt bad. By 12:00 PM I felt worse. By 2:00 PM, I became “That Guy” at the office - the irritating one that whines about everything. At 2:15 PM my head hurt so bad that I literally became nauseated. I ended up leaving work two hours early. And by 3:00 PM I swore I was having an aneurism. It’s funny now, but I was seriously concerned. Good sense told me, “Self, you’ve had nair a lick of water today and you have some sinus issues- I predict a sinus headache and maybe dehydration!” I prescribed myself like a gallon of water and Tylenol sinus and climbed in bed. I woke up 1.5 hours later and felt much better!

Stupid sinus pressure.

That was as productive as my day got. I nursed a headache. I guess I said all of the above to justify my not exercising, cleaning, organizing, reading, feeding my fish, or bathing my children last night. I mean, the kids DID eat dinner, so I feel pretty good about that.

Stupid chores.

Tonight, I hope to run at least 1-2 miles, clean the bedrooms, finish laundry, and cook something. But I’ll settle for clean children and a book.

Stupid over-achievements.

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hannah singer said...

BUMMER waking up to poo! blech...lots of neighbors in our building have dogs, they love being outside and it is NEGATIVE 19:/ so, send those critters out! (although, they do often do their biznaz beside my car, which I sometimes notice too late. stupid poo.)

also, you are a champion. mama, worker, wife. looks like you own it, girl! be encouraged!

love ya