Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I confess that lately I've been obsessing about what to make this blog. For awhile it was all about my kids. Then it was about me. Then it became about couponing. And now here we are today. For some reason, I felt like it needed a specific "theme" in order to be a good read. I just realized (today) that this is not true at all. It's MY blog. About MY life. And I intend it to be just as random as I am. Question: How many of you can say that you've actually questioned why people don't write haikus anymore? Ok. Well then, how many of you can confess to doing so WHILE DRIVING ON ICE TO WORK WHILE STILL WEARING YOUR BROWN WOOL LINED HOUSE SLIPPERS TOGETHER WITH YOUR BLACK DRESS PANTS, LOOKING A HOT MESS, AND FEELING NO SHAME? No. One.

I hate balloons.
I love sparkly things.
I seek out good deals.
Free things excite me.
My kids are cute.
I feel complete.
I listen to 80s hair bands
...And Rap.
I love to run. For fun.
I run to a Disney soundtrack.
...And Rap.
I'd like to lose 10 pounds
...but apparently not enough to really try
I like sweets
...And pickles
...And coffee
I don't like vienna sausages
Or oranges
I read really fast.
I talk even faster.
I love to cook.
My Ideal date night is dinner and a movie at home.
I smell really weird combinations, like coconut/armpit in our work elevator a lot of the time.
In hindsight, I should take the stairs.
I hate to smell cigarette smoke.
I love to smell wood burning
...And pipes.
I have a passion for Abused women and children.
I adore my husband.
I am content.
I am not jealous.
I am quick witted.
I hide behind humor sometimes
...because I am shy
I am a good judge of character.
I want to write a book
...But I do not have a subject
I'd rather be thought of as funny than pretty.
I am a terrible correspondent.
I secretly hope you all enjoy this.

1 comment:

hannah singer said...

your secret hope realized:
i DID enjoy this!
very much.

it IS your blog, and i love it, love hearing(reading) about you, your likes, hates, wit and wisdom! bring it!