Monday, September 14, 2009

I had high hopes. I did. Really.

So, yesterday when I posted my “To-Do” list, I had high hopes. I did. Really. Unfortunately “high hopes” don’t plant your garden. Manual labor does. And manual labor wasn’t really welcomed ‘round these parts. You know what was though? A buffet lunch and nap time with my boy. By “boy”, I totally mean me and Big Sir. Bebe was on some sort of crazed-toddler-caffeine-infused-sugar-high. At one point I asked her who her dealer was because that behavior was the behavior of a crack fiend. OK, well maybe I didn’t ask her per se, BUT I THOUGHT IT. Sister was high on life and wasn’t napping for nobody. And if Bebe ain’t napping, ain’t nobody napping! Except that part’s a lie because I totally ditched MP and went to sleep. AND IT WAS GO-OD! HAHA! SUCKA!!! So she and MP played for like 14 hours.

When we awoke (at 5:00 PM btw), Bebe decided she needed to see the Big Fish. This is what she calls Bass Pro Shop….because of the big fish….see? So we went and saw the Big Fish and she was stoked. I thought for sure she would wear out as she had not had a nap, but she proved me wrong. While we were out that way, we thought we’d stop by the new Sam’s as well, but they close at 6:00 on Sunday so we didn’t get to shop. By the time we got home at 7’ish, Sir was half asleep, Bebe was begging for more circus peanuts, and MP and I both realized we had not gone to the store all weekend and determined that dinner was a free for all.

Yea, I just realized there’s really not much entertainment value in this blog entry. My bad, dawg.

What else? What else? What else?

Well, I’m switching to a new brand of diapers for Sir! Exciting, no? For real though, the boy whizzes through everything, specifically at night. Of course, I do let him take a bottle to bed so in hindsight I should prolly stop doing that and maybe decrease his liquids closer to bedtime, but in all honesty- I’m just not gonna do that. Hey- we all have our vices. Mine is coffee, Brogan sleeps with the TV on and MP? His vice is MY LOVE. Well okay, he’s the normal one over here and doesn’t have any. Whatever. Don’t judge us. I’ll report Sir’s nightly activity tonight and see how he does with the new ones. It’s not so much that I hate having crib sheets to wash every day (remember I’ve made my own detergent so I get a little excited when I get to use it!) No, it’s more that I hate to bathe him every.single.morning. ESPECIALLY since I’m probably already running late. Tru dat.

My plans for this week are pretty laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)….

I’ll be Wal-Martin’ it today. MP will be paddling a couple nights this week. UFC Wednesday night on TV and I plan on running 2-3 miles a few nights. I’d still love to till the garden, but we’ll see. That’s really more of a “weekend” thing. Also, at some point I’ve got to clean house again (ugh, does it EVER end?) and on Friday I’ll be preparing to see Britney in concert with my homey, Brooklyn C! Yea, and I’m way more excited about that than any 30 year old mother of two really should be.

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