Monday, December 12, 2011


I am humbled by how our God works. Never would I have thought that we’d ONLY  be $8,800.00 shy of our adoption fundraising goal. Never could I have imagined the friends He’d place in our lives at just the right time. Never would I have believed you if you’d told me that we could have purchased FOUR round trip flights to Africa, a 2 week mission trip, Immigration fees, a Homestudy, Travel immunizations, Adoption education fees, and no telling how much money spent on physicals, fingerprints, and certified certificates of every kind. Since June 2011. And paid for them IN FULL.

Um, that’s 6.5 months.

You guys. Our God is GOOD.

This adoption journey has done so much more for me than just the addition of a third child. It has renewed my faith in a way that I never realized it had waivered. I’ve never had any disbelief about our Lord and Savior – let’s clear that up. But I have questioned so many things:

1. Are we sure we’ve been “called” to adopt?
2. How are we going to do this?
3. If so, will He would provide? I knew he COULD, but would He? And how? And when?

Then I got slapped in the face. And He provided. Through friends and family and strangers from Canada. Through our blog and Twitter and Facebook. He provided. And He provided the exact amount of money needed and the exact time it was due. Best of all? He provided encouragement, strength, and everlasting friendships.

During this adoption journey, I’ve come to understand that through obedience, there should be NO fear. I should never question where He leads us or how we’ll get there. I should only say, “Yes Lord, I’ll go. Just tell me when” and leave the details up to Him.

Thank you all.


Christen said...

Love it! So true, He is doing that constantly for us! Every step He's been faithful! FYI I sent the email tonight so ya know :)

hannah singer said...

thinking of you and PRAYING. love you so! xo

PletcherFamily said...

Hi! Came to your blog from "People I Want to Punch in the Throat". We adopted a little boy from China in 2007 as our third child and it was the best decision we have ever made. Have there been ups and downs? You bet. Even a "healthy" child coming from a different country still has "baggage". Our little man was in an orphanage for 14 months and we are just starting to get past those issues 4 1/2 years later.

But - he is a wonderful little boy. He is spunky, and fun, and sweet. And I can't imagine not having him here.

Good luck on your journey! It is a great one.

Take care,