Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday was a Monday in Sheep’s Clothing

I started Tuesday off by oversleeping a little bit. OK. A LOT bit. Then when I did wake up, it was to cough so hard that I could not help but throw up sinus drainage that had apparently gathered together overnight in my stomach and decided that 650AM was as good a time as any to stage a revolt against me. Or a little sinus drainage flash mob, if you will. You’re welcome. It was violent. After I was fully convinced I had not been poisoned, I collected myself and finally made it to work a full one hour late.

This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Crazy lady with great hair say what?! I know. Because vomit is never good.

But see. While I was busy coughing and gagging and fighting off Ralph in my bathroom in an effort to get ready to come to work, our work was conducting company-wide layoffs. Apparently this is what happens when one’s company is bought out by a larger someone else’s company. I made the cut, which is a huge relief because, well, see EVERY post below, but a few of my co-workers were not so fortunate.

I’m just thankful I was gagging my head off instead of being here to witness it.

Silver lining, folks. Always find it.

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hannah singer said...

whew! glad you made the cut!

i love you! xo