Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fake Plastic Birds

 On my drive to work this morning, I noticed the coolest looking bird ever. He (well I assumed it was a “he”- I didn’t ask. It’s rude) was just sitting on a yard ornament in someone’s yard. But I noticed the closer I got the more odd this bird was. THEN I discovered that it wasn’t a real bird at all, it was actually a metal bird silhouette attached to the shepherd’s hook it was “perched” upon. At first, I felt silly that I actually thought it was a real bird, but it was early and I had only had about one cup o’ joe. I need two to three cups to properly function, you see. Plus, it was rainy and foggy so I felt a little better about my distorted vision. No sooner than I laughed out loud at myself, it became apparent to me that so many of us are just like that bird: Real looking from the outside, but fake on the inside. Ouch.

For a long time, I was that bird. From the outside I was picture perfect, in a picture perfect marriage with two picture perfect children, and living in a picture perfect house. I sang in choir and we led Sunday School. I loved the Lord and truly knew Him as my Savior, no doubt, yet my eyes were not fully on Him. I treated church and bible study almost like a High School reunion. Like, I was genuinely excited to see all my friends and couldn’t wait to show off: my new outfit, shoes, highlights, etc. Vanity and worldly things always seemed to come first. Now, I loved the Lord - Don’t mistake that, but my focus wasn’t on my relationship with Him. My focus was on myself. God may have been Number 1 on my “checklist” on the outside for all of the world to see. But inside, I was a fake bird perched upon worldly desires.

No mas, my frands. No mas.

That fake bird reminded me of all the world’s hypocrisies and frivolousness. The only thing that truly matters in this life is our relationship with Christ Jesus and our desire to truly know Him. We are called to seek Him first and to serve Him. I mean, we are born destined for Hell. And He saves us. Think about it. How do you adequately say “thank you?” Words fail me. But is there any greater form of gratitude than worship? And if not, why do we tend to "worship" the world while proclaiming that we worship Him? Because it is our human nature to be fake birds perched upon worldly desires. However, we cannot serve two masters. Matthew 6:24 says so. And do you know what happens when you obey and stop serving two masters? When you fully commit to be the hands and feet of Christ?

He gives you purpose and direction. He provides blinders in order for you to stay focused. He becomes the Light to your darkness. He pours out His favor upon you. He allows you freedom. And He might just send you to Africa. :-O

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hannah singer said...

so beautifully said, christy. a powerful reminder to be eternally minded!