Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brogan’s Blog

My baby girl turns 5 in 6 days. I’m torn between being so excited for her and being so sad for myself. She’s my angel baby. She is the wittiest kid on the planet. And sassy. And smart. And beautiful. She loves to laugh and smiles about everything. She adores her brother “even when he bees mean to me”, she says. She is an extraordinary child. She’s my firstborn. She asks me to tell her that I love her more than I love Swaid. I cannot. But I do tell her I’ve loved her longer. Technically, it’s not a lie as she is 28 months older than him. This pleases her. She’s a special, special girl. And she knows it. She will introduce herself as “Brogan Elyse Puckett” or “You can call me Princess”. True story. Ask her what I’m thinking and she’ll tell you that it’s “that we love her so much”. She knows. She has her Daddy’s heart in her pocket. She is my sidekick. My compadre. She loves when I paint her “poetails”. She loves to listen to her “mustick” on her iPod touch. She’s 4. And has an iPod touch. She thinks I’m pretty. She says she’s going to marry her Daddy when she grows up. Her favorite food is carrots with ranch dressing. And “choppy” milk. And a ham sandwich on whole wheat with mustard only. No cheese. She will share with you. She puts food in her pockets at school snack time and brings it home for me and MP. She loves taking pictures. She doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting a digital camera for her birthday. She talks with her hands and EVERY! DAY! IS! THE! BEST! DAY! EVER! to her. She is very animated when she speaks. But she’s quiet. She does not like loud noises. She runs fast. She will unfriend you if you wear the same shoes as her. Or if you "scribble scrabble" on paper. "We do not scribble scrabble, we COLOR like big girls", she'll tell you. She must have her blankie with her. Blankie’s name is “Blankie”, but Blankie has a cousin, Madeline. Madeline will not do when Blankie has been requested. She loves her Leon. We still don’t know if it’s a bear, a lion, or a monkey. I do know we paid $16.01 for it at Pottery Barn Kids in 2007 and she hasn’t let him out of her site. She loves him. Blankie and Leon are in most of her school pictures. They are family too. Brogan appreciates everything. She thanks God for flowers and for Disney World. She thanks God for us and for her brother. She loves her grandparents and her cousins. She always, ALWAYS asks if she can “just spend the night, like 5 days?” She loves Show and Tell at school on Fridays. And Tot Ball. And Computer class. She uses an iPad like it was made for her. She’s tech savvy. She speaks a little Spanish and counts in French. She’s very sensitive. A stern word goes a long way with her. She is perfect. She's my Princess. She is never taken for granted. She is mine.


hannah singer said...

happy birthday, sweet girl!
(hope to meet her someday soon!)

Gen said...

happy birthday sweet bb, and sweet mommy!