Monday, August 31, 2009

More Fun Facts!

82. I love to nap. So I realize that probably sounds totally lazy, but it’s not! Well, ok, maybe a little, but still- I utilize my “disco naps” to increase my productivity. It benefits everyone really…..Note to self: request mandatory nap time at Work Place……

83. I’m a terrible correspondent. Like possibly the worst ever. Just text me- I guarantee you’ll get a quick response!

84. I refuse to hand wash a dish. I do. I bought a mighty fine dishwasher (dish waRsher, if you are deep South) and I let it earn its keep. I do not have time to hand waRsh a dirty dish. That’s a lie. I refuse to MAKE time to waRsh a dish. It’s gross and I just don’t wanna touch it.

85. I do not “backtrack” when driving…EVER. If we have passed it and you realize you need it? Suck it up, Indiana Jones, because we are NOT going back after it….unless it’s gas, but even then I will debate a “backtrack” .

86. Generic brand cheese tastes like generic cheese. It’s disgusting. OK, that’s more of an opinion than an “interesting fact:’ however, I find it “interesting” that generic brand cheese tastes NOTHING LIKE CHEESE AT ALL. I don’t know what it is, but if something so vile leaves me speechless? IT CAN’T BE GOOD FOR HUMANITY.

87. I just realized I have had over 1900 hits in 2 months- WOW. Thanks guys – that’s like 950 people per month!!!! INSANE?! Also- for you fact-checkers, if you look to the toolbar on your right you’ll see 1 Stat Counter. It prolly only says 1600 ish…. This is because it was added AFTER the stat counter on the bottom that I log into. The bottom Stat Counter is the accurate one. Also, I do not know how to change the top one… so you’ll just have to TRUST ME, YO!

88. TongueGate ’09 has seemed to resolve itself. You can all rest easy now. Time is a miracle cure.

89. Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary at Work Place. Gifts are always appreciated and feel free to take me to lunch anytime. I’m kidding (but not really….) Hahahaha! (but not really) Smile. (BUT NOT REALLY)

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Gen said...

you would totally be great at "Not me Mondays". i'm headed over to post one's my favorite part of the week! lol...sorta.