Thursday, July 2, 2009

A whole lot about nothing

A whole lot about nothing

I am currently sitting here focused intently on this blog, listening to “Guns N Roses” (hush up. I have a defense. The iPod? She is on shuffle. I JUST listened to Third Day’s “Revelation”…but to be honest, before that it was Ludacris’ “Shake Yer Moneymaker” shut.up.)…yea, so I like to chase my Praise music with Soul Train. Don't judge me already. I am a very cultured, very well rounded individual. I’m also drinking an Edge Efusjon energy drink (thanks, Leah! I’m hooked now. I’ve now been Efusjed times two days and I can never go back. Will be calling you later to get the hook up- k? Bye.), oh and I’m also working. That’s right. A multi-tasker is what I am. Technically, I’m at lunch, but whatever. I prefer to work during lunch time because the phones don’t ring and I get a TON of work done. I like that feeling of accomplishment. I even took a break from that to post this for you guys. I know. I’m a giver. That’s so not the point of this entry and come to think about it, I don’t think I even have one. Sorry.

So, although today is actually my Friday, I don’t have any products to hawk. Sorry about that too. I also don’t have any pictures for you. And I kicked a puppy, clubbed a seal, killed a tree and left the toilet seat up. I am just a bad person today, aren’t I? You're welcome. I did think of a few more facts that I’ll share. Not that you care, but since it’s filler for me we’ll go with it.

46- I like the smell of skunks. I do. Mp and I even rescued 2 baby skunks from the highway once. We named them Georgio and Chanel.

47- I am a namer. I name everything. Pets, random animals, cars, boats, food, even people if I don’t know their actual name….or sometimes I DO know their actual name, but I’ll just rename them anyway. I’m like that. Basically if it’s a noun, I’ll name it and if I don’t particularly like your given name, I may rename you too only you will probably never know. Smiley Face.

48- I wish they’d bring back Popples. And Munchee-Chees (sp?). Toys of the 80’s were WAY better than today’s. Except the slinky, they can keep that one.

49- I love asparagus, despite the “Stinky Pee” phenomenon. You know what I’m talking about.

50- I would bleach my teeth daily if the enamel would allow it, but it won’t so I don’t. In hindsight, if I didn’t drink so much coffee, I probably wouldn’t even need to bleach. But let’s be honest here, coffee is my crutch. You wouldn’t like me without it. That, I can promise you.

51- There is nothing on this planet cuter than a fuzzy baby Canada goose. Not even when those jerks cross Layfair Drive and I have to wait for all eight thousand of them to waddle by, making me run later than I probably already am. They are still just that cute.

52- I believe with every fiber of my being that the Lord puts people in our lives for very specific reasons. Aside from certain friends, I can clearly identify 3 people specifically. Those 3 relationships (good and bad) all played a major part in God molding me into who He wants me to be. Looking back, I can clearly identify them as: the one who broke me, the one who mended me, and the one who healed me. I can totally see it, even though at the time I didn’t understand why.

53- I loved being pregnant. Loved everything about it. Loved the “glow”. Loved the stretchy clothing. Loved the feel of the baby’s movement. I especially loved the way people went out of their way to accommodate you. You should all keep that part up.

54- I sincerely wish Lady GaGa would wear pants. Really.

55- I could totally be a “Coyote.” And I would be the best “Coyote” YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

On that note, Beyonce is a callin’ ….Imma go “Put a Ring on It” …..PEACE.

True conversation at Disney World.

ME: Bye Mickey Mouse! See you later!!!
MP: Bye Mickey Mouse! Thank you…..
Bebe: HOLLA.

She makes me proud to be her mother.


Tee said...

Brogan cracks me up! Holla! There's no denying that one belongs to you, is there? Just for the record, I had forgotten about Popples... they were so much fun!

Scott, Chrissie, Elias, and Ava said...

Sweet Christy, you are so out of control:) I love it and totally miss you. I mean we had kids at the same time and we can't make time for each other, whats up with that?!

Jill said...

T loves the skunk smell too. I love all three of you but y'all are crazy!