Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

OMG. What a whirlwind weekend. I never thought I’d be glad for a weekend to be over with, but I so am. We started out with a surprise 40th Bday party is Philly (MS, not PA) on Friday night. Only we didn’t get to exit Brandon until well after 8 pm, which is really awful when traveling with a 3 year old. Fortunately, Swaid was dropped off with the MIL and wasn’t to be making this trip with us. Did I miss him? Yes. Did I regret not bringing him? NOT.AT.ALL. You guys, the boy hates to sleep anywhere but his crib. Not on a bed. Not in a pack-in-play. Not with a mouse. Not on a house. He will not eat green eggs and ham. It ain’t happenin’, much to my MIL’s chagrin. Oh, and the kid has lungs. So apparently, he didn’t go to sleep until somewhere around 8:30’ish which is a full 2 hours after his normal bedtime….. AND he had to be rocked. Outside. On the porch swing. Until he fell asleep. OMG.

Anyway- we get to Philly (MS, not PA) at ALMOST 10:00pm. I am not kidding you. We missed the actual party, but arrived at the bday gal’s house like 4 minutes before they got home. It was cool and there were about 3 other couples that joined us. Apparently they all stayed up ‘til the 3 AM hour playing spades, but I am old for that so MP and I hit the hay at midnight. Brogan wasn’t at all happy about it either, but we made her go to bed with us. Next AM, we got up around 8:30’ish, ate breakfast (or brak-fast, as my daddy would say), visited ‘til 10:00 AM and left. We made the drive BACK to Brandon in order to be at our second birthday party of the weekend. It was at Shiloh Splash Park and it was not for a 40 year old. It was for a 3 year old and it would have been so much fun, had Brogan not decided to expand her hatred of grass and space jumps to include splash parks as well. I have never been so embarrassed in all of my days. Brogan told people she didn’t like them and to leave her alone. She screamed. She cried. She didn’t like the water. She didn’t want to get wet. She didn’t like the splashing. She didn’t like Baby Swaid getting in the water AND splashing. She didn’t like the sun. She didn’t like the sunscreen. She didn’t like the people. She didn’t like for MP to be wet. She didn’t like her swimsuit. She wouldn’t even WEAR her swimsuit. She didn’t want to be talked to. She didn’t want to be looked at. She didn’t like me being wet. She didn’t like me PERIOD. She wanted a popsicle and a Capri sun. OK, I’ll buy you a popsicle and a Capri sun if you’ll quit being “THAT KID”. I have no cash, but surely the water takes debit card. Surely! Maybe? Please…. The water park? DOES NOT TAKE A CARD! So, we’re back to square one with all the hatred and for a minute, I understand why people list their kids for sell on Craigslist. I don’t condone it, but I understand it. After an hour of this nonsense, we decide to leave and I offer not only my apologies, but money to the host to reimburse her for the fee she paid for Brogan to not enjoy anything at all. Of course, she has to take a check, because remember- I have no cash. She declines and in return offers me sympathy and a kind word. God bless her.

We come home. All 4 of us nap, but not nearly long enough. I can’t really remember the rest of Saturday afternoon, but we did have UFC at the house that night. I was about to lose my mind with the whining and the crying so I made my escape to Borders to meet my VBFF, Lacey and to throw away $4 on a Chai Tea Latte. No seriously, it was $4. I sipped it. I tried hard not to vomit because coffee drinks should NOT taste like Italian seasonings and I threw it away. We had so much fun. We looked at kids books and best sellers and we almost got suckered into buying a series that Lacey said, “looks a lot like Fear Street….FOR ADULTS!” It is still on my Amazon wish list. After the bookstore, we hit Newks for dinner @ 9:00 and our eyes were violated by a young couple making out in the booth. Passive aggressively, I Facebooked about it, rather than actually asking them to stop. It’s just what I do. Come home, oh good! Brogan’s still up and it’s nearly 10pm! Watch the rest of UFC. Still think that George St. Pierre is ADORABLE and I figuratively put him in my pocket so I can bring him out on a rainy day. He is just that cute.

SUNDAY- ok. So we didn’t make it to church on Sunday, but here’s why. MP got up with Swaid @ 6:30 and I stayed in bed with Brogan until 8:30. I know- MP is AWESOME! So I got up and MP said, “I’m gonna lie down for a minute.” Cool. I’ll just wake him up at 10:00 so we can go to 11:00 service. Well, guess what happened at 10:00? BOTH KIDS FELL ASLEEP. And guess what happened at 10:30? BOTH KIDS WERE STILL ASLEEP. So guess what I did? I DID NOT WAKE SLEEPING KIDS. I didn’t. They were tired and I was still reeling from Brogan’s fiendish behavior from 24 hours prior. I couldn’t do it again. So, I let MP and kids sleep and I clipped coupons. Once everyone was up and lunch was eaten, we headed to Bass Pro! This is our favorite place to go. Brogan LOVES it. It is free and it is air-conditioned. MP loves hunting and the boats. They have shoes. They have Starbucks. It really can’t get any better. We are there until 3:00 and remember, “yo- we got Bday party #3 in Clinton at 4.” We don’t want to drive back home to turn around and drive all the way back so we get iced mochas and kill time. Left @ 3:30, drive to Clinton for 4pm bday party. I was a little apprehensive because, well did you READ the 2nd paragraph?! But surprisingly, Brogan was AMAZING. This party was for her best friend, Claudia. A cute little doll-faced, precious child whom I just adore! Bebe had the best time and Swaid was just happy to be there. We left the party at 5:15 to go see my grandmother who also lives in Clinton. We had a nice visit AND I hooked her up with a new cleaning lady that starts this week. We leave and drive straight….you’re hoping I say “home” right? Well no. We head to my BIL / SIL house for the best steak known to man. Only I just get to hear about people talk about how good it is because I have a hole in my tongue and still can’t eat solid foods. Brogan slept thru dinner and Swaid was SO.HAPPY! We left there around 8’ish and came home. Put both kids in bed and relaxed. Overall it was a really nice weekend, but too much was crammed in. I feel like we ran all over creation and so we didn’t really get to enjoy everything as much as we should have been able to. It’s cool though. This weekend I plan on doing nothing. That’s right. Nothing. We have an invite to another Bday party @ the Splash Park on Saturday, but we ALSO have a wedding invite for the same time. I plan on sending gifts to both, but will probably not be in attendance. I say that, but really I will probably take SWAID to the bday party for Brogan’s friend and let her stay home hating people, grass, space jumps and water parks. It would just be easier on all of us.

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Tee said...

I'm with Brogan on this one... I don't like it when people look at me either. And seriously, what kind of a Mommy are you? Forcing your dear sweet toddler to go play at a splash park? Christy, you crack me up, you have no idea. I often share your Facebook status with my parents and as soon as "Okay, Christy Hill Puckett..." comes out of my mouth they both start laughing.