Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Formal Introduction

Ok, so technically this isn’t a “new” blog, per se, BUT I will be writing in it now so that’s cool, right?

Since I posted this address on Facebook in the hopes of getting people to check me out, I thought I’d give a little history about myself to those of you that don’t know me very well.

I am a happily married, full-time working mother of 2 and I love to write. Most of the time, I am just flat-out goofy. I am that person that hides behind humor. I am very guarded and while I can be serious, it’s very rare that I am because I don’t like to open myself up to people. I’m working on that though. I love the Lord and am thankful for the situations he walked me though. I like the person I have become. Some of you know my testimony and you get me. Some of you don’t and probably won’t, but don’t take it personal, I still like you! I am just quiet that way. Anyway- here are some fun facts:

1- U Silly Pickle- this is a nickname for my children. Yes, they are silly, no they are not pickles.

2- I will never use the following words: “hubby”, “hubs”, “yummy”, or “preggars” and will limit my use of “prego” only to refer to spaghetti sauce. Please do not ask me why I hate these words. I just do.

3- I will; however, use words that don’t make any sense. Vomitacious, Starvacious, Impressable. You know, pretty much add an awkward sounding suffix to most any word and I’ll probably use it. Definitions are optional.

4- I do not understand the phenomenon that is “American Idol.”

5- I am obsessed with all things Facebook, but will never ask you to join my mafia.

6- UFC is the most awesome sport ever. That is a statement, not a debate.

7- I’ve never struck a match. What?! I am not a Flintstone.

8- I did not know you could put outgoing mail in your home mailbox and that by lifting the flag, this signaled the mailman to pick it up and take to the post office for you until I was 22.years.old.

9- I am very serious about #8. That’s how I roll.

10- Most importantly, I love the Lord. I love my husband. I love my children. I love my friends. In that order.

Do you feel like you know me now? Because you totally should. In the future, you should know that I will talk a LOT about my children because I am a mom and will probably mention weight loss because, well, I am a woman and that is what we do. I will say stuff that will catch you off guard like say, BOOB.SWEAT. Are you uncomfortable now? What about you? That guy in the back? OK, we’re all good then. You should also know that I type EXACTLY how I speak, so when you read this, you should do so with a Valley-girl meets Southern Belle accident. Now throw out some “yo’s” and “homey’s”. Because I am part gangsta too. Consider my essence captured.


addiebaby said...

YEAH! I am so happy you did this! I look forward to the posts! You sure are one funny girl!

U Silly Pickle said...

Thanks, homey! I'm glad I know someone will read me. ha!

lizziepuckett said...

I love this! Your fans will certainly appreciate your blogs!

lizziepuckett said...

I love your blog! Im sure your fans will appreciate it!

Gen said...

i so love that you love the UFC! it's a major love of ours...and we no longer get that channel!

laurie said...

OK--found your site---now I want to know how to sign up to be your biggest fan~~~you really are too funny~~~how come I never knew that? Probably because I really never KNEW you, just knew you:)
Lookng forward to getting my giggles!

Family Travellers said...

Found you on "People I want to Punch in the Throat." I love it when people keep it real on their blogs. Thanks for sharing.