Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi. My name is Christy and my child’s a biter.

Hi. My name is Christy and my child’s a biter.

So, yea…Bebe is a biter. Or rather, I should say she’s a “Daycare Biter” because she’s never bitten us and she’s never bitten or even attempted to bite nieces, nephews, us or the cat. NEVER! In fact, if she hadn’t been sent home with 12 (count them) biting reports from daycare, I never would have believed it. But unfortunately it’s true and I feel so bad. What do you do though? She’s not malicious, she’s 1! I can’t send her to daycare in the morning and say, “Now, Bebe, remember we don’t bite, okay?” and actually expect her to know what in the heck I am saying! Yesterday, some thug 1 year old from daycare stole Bebe’s blankie (of UTMOST importance) from her and ran off with it. Well, Bebe chased him down, bit him until he cried, recovered said blankie, and walked off like nothing happened! She has bitten just about every kid in her room and I can’t stop her! I will say that she’s not the only one though. They all bite each other, there are just 3 main biters and Bebe is apparently the gang leader. I do feel better that she’s not just biting randomly though - I have noticed that every incident report indicates that she was provoked. Like, last week some kid pushed her off a riding toy, so she bit him. One kid stuck his hand in Bee’s face, so she bit it. And one poor child took Bebe’s Cheeto’s at lunch so she bit THAT little girl TWICE on the arm. It’s so bad that Bebe and the other 2 biters are QUARANTINED at breakfast, lunch, and snack times and they sit at a table by themselves, with a chair in between each of them so THEY don’t bite each other! I don’t want her to keep biting every time someone takes her toy, blankie or snack! Hmmm, come to think about it, I’m thinking we need to maybe work a little harder on sharing.

*Note: I feel I need to re-iterate the importance of her blankie. She does not function without her blankie. In fact, she has 7 blankies. MP and I each keep one in our trucks. She has 2 at daycare, 2 at home and 1 at my parent’s house. She has to have a specific type blankie that’s chenille on one side and silky on the other. No other blankie will do. We have mistakenly forgotten her blanket at daycare exactly 1 time. They actually called and said, “Please, for the love of all things pure and holy, BRING BACK HER BLANKET!” Ok, it wasn’t actually that dramatic, but they tell me that she screamed ALL.DAY.LONG for her blankie so they had to “loan” her Claudia’s blankie, because Claudia was out that day. They even sent home a reminder note to bring it back! So, on Tuesday of this week, guess what happened? Bebe’s blanket got left in my truck. At approximately 10:00 AM, MP called and freaked out! “We forgot Bee’s blankie in the TRUCK!” Know what happened next? I left work, drove home to retrieve a blankie, hand-delivered it to her room and got in there just in time for her 11:00am nap. Yea, it was 111 degrees outside and I LEFT WORK and drove 30 miles roundtrip just so her Highness could nap comfortably. What is wrong with that picture?

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Scott, Chrissie, and Elias said...

Well we gotta look on the postive side...she takes up for herself. You don't have to worry about her when you leave her at The things mamas will do for their how ever far how ever long to make their child happy.