Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In one weeks time we have Completed:

A seventeen! page Home Study application
Financial analysis
2 autobiographies
3 Medical exams & recd results
3 fingerprints & recd results
Gotten a new driver license
Gotten medical clearance on both kids
Taken AND developed pictures of the house and every room in it
Collected certified birth certificates on all 5 people living here
Gotten our certified marriage certificate
Prepared copies of our 2010 tax return
Met with Lisa, our social worker
And scheduled our official in-home visit for 11/5

I have also cleaned our house, revamped our budget, caught up with laundry, survived a potentially devastating small house fire and for giggles?

I lint rolled all of our lamp shades.

Now, If you have never adopted or completed the homestudy process, this may not mean that much to you so just trust me when I tell you THIS IS A BIG DEAL. LIKE, HUGE.

So, "what now", you ask? Well. Now I make copies of it all and send the originals to New Beginnings. Then I breathe a sigh of relief. And gloat a little bit because I am super impressed with my timeline.

We will have provided them with everything we needed to provide them with. We still have to wait on our references to send in their letters just verifying our awesomeness and how they wish they had my great hair or something like that. And we still have to await our clearances from the great states of both MS and AL to verify that we aren't child abusers. But I feel pretty good about those results.

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Alison said...

YAY!!! The paperwork is done! Great job!!!