Monday, June 20, 2011

We’re Going! Uganda Go Too?

I have been a terrible blogger as of late and I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s just because we’ve been busy bees, maybe it’s because I’m just a little bit lazy. I don’t know for certain, but I do know that I am thankful for the “spell check” feature because I just realized I accidentally typed “blooger”.  And then I laughed and laughed and laughed because evidently, I am twelve years old.

Seriously though, the month of June has been a super busy one for us. We’ve celebrated the birthdays of: 1- my mother-in-law, 2- my sister-in-law, Alicia, and 3- our niece, Kalli. Then we had Father’s day (x3!!), our 10 year wedding anniversary, and of course, Flag Day.  My other SIL, Darla, has an upcoming birthday later in the month and I’m pretty sure I’m declaring June 27, Christy Puckett Day. Just because I can.  It’s shocking to me that June is literally flying by, but even more shocking is that 2011 IS HALFWAY OVER WITH. Crazy, no? Yes. Yes, it is.

Today was also a big day for us. Today is the day I got immunized for Africa! MP went to Zimbabwe this past October so he had everything but his final combination Hepatitis shot. Despite his assurances that he would “not be exchanging any bodily fluids with anyone from Africa”, he still had to get stuck. I had to get my first of three “combo Hep” shots, tetanus and also a yellow fever shot. Then I had to sign a waiver stating I wouldn’t try to get pregnant for thirty days because “The Yellow Fever” is a “live virus” and “will cause birth defects”. Thanks, guys. I was supposed to get my “Typhoid” shot as well, but as luck would have it, THEY RAN OUT. So it was just the other three for today. Also, I opted for the “Fast Track Combo Hep” shots, so I’ll go back next week for my second round and mid-July for my third and final. After that, I’ll be good for ten years. So basically, I can step on all the rusty nails I want and still be ok. I did not get “The Rabies” shot, so I just need to avoid rabid monkeys. Immunizations is a good thang.

This trip is coming up super fast. We’ve started our FUNdraisin’ and have been overwhelmed at the love and support shown to us. From donations, to cross orders, to folks hosting fun giveaways on their super cool bloggety blogs (I’m looking at choo, Hannah, ) to continuous prayer, I am ever so grateful. It is humbling to know that so many people are willing to sacrifice in order to help US get THERE to do HIS work.
Speaking of HIS work, I need to give a big shout-out to A representative from this AMAZING organization will be at Pinelake Reservoir campus THIS Thursday, 6/23/11 from 5-630pm. If ANY of you are interested in adoption or just have a heart for orphans of the world, PLEASE come. You guys, this truly is a LIFE-CHANGING event. Mothers? Come. And bring tissue. Lots and lots of tissue. Fathers? Come and try not to cry. Not yet parents, but thinking about it? COME. Don't even like kids? Maybe you should stay home. I kid. Come and experience Christ's love for HIS children. This is something that I feel ALL believers would benefit from seeing. Oh, and did I mention the tissue? If you need a lift, I will help arrange transportation for you. Have kids? Childcare WILL be available, so if you would like to come, please email and just let him know how many adults/kids are coming so they can plan accordingly.

*Please know I am not directly involved with this group. I do not get paid to promote. I do not get praise from this group. I get nothing but pure joy out of promoting this group because I believe so strongly in what they are trying to accomplish. I do; however, have the privilege of joining a handful of them on this upcoming Mission trip.

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hannah singer said...

loving all this info! praying praying PRAYING. we are so excited to see the work of Christ through your hands!

can hardly wait until next week(giveaway time!!)