Friday, October 9, 2009

Workin' for the Weekend

Hi. My name is Christy. In case you've forgotten.....

I would be updating a whole lot more if it weren’t for this thing called a JAY-OHHH-BEE. That spells JOB, for those of you that are a leetle slow. It’s ok, this weather has us all a little flummoxed. And hot. And wet. And cold. And sticky. Then hot again. I’m gonna lay it out for you- I hate this weather. There. I said it. And while I’m confessing, I should also let you all know that I hate football too. Whew. It was like a weight has been lifted. In truth, I might possibly enjoy football if I knew the rules. But I don’t and the fact that I don’t like it enough at this point to even learn about it pretty much ends it for me. I do watch the Super Bowl though, even if it IS strictly for commercials and potential boobie flashes.

Besides, UFC is my sport of choice.

Hey- Have you ever heard of the Phatwater Challenge? Anyone? No? Well. My husband, MP, will be in it tomorrow. He will be competing against 100+ people in a kayak race down the Mighty Mississippi for 42.5 miles. You read that right. I’m borrowing my sister-in-law’s SWEET camera to take some cool pics and I’ll be positing them prolly next week or so. MP’s initial goal was to finish in under 5 hours; however, after months and months of training he has now set his sights on somewhere around the 4:30 mark. I’ll keep you posted!


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