Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas in October! WHEE!!!

I just want to go on record right now and confess that, yes- the rumors are true…….

I totally put my Christmas tree up this past Sunday AND DECORATED IT TOO!!!

I don’t bother with Halloween decorations because, well as much as I do love a good Trick-or-Treat (that was totally not supposed to sound dirty, by the way), I just don’t really get into that particular holiday. One reason is that candy corn is disgusting. And another reason is that costumes ain’t cheap, yo. It pains me to spend cash money on a costume that I would probably never wear again. It is not conducive to my Dave Ramsey budget and to be honest with you - I’m cheap that way.

Christmas; however, ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF! We own more Christmas decorations than you could shake a stick at. (*edited to add: who came up with that saying anyway? Why shake sticks? Why not something cool, like turkey laigs? or feet?) Each year, my collection of Santa Claus’ grows by leaps and bounds, which is cool except that each year it takes longer and longer to put them all out, which is NOT cool because THEN it takes even longer to UN-decorate and seriously challenges my commitment of even decorating to begin with. I shall prevail though. I shall PREVAIL! This year we are doing things a little differently because Swaid (aka Buddy Love, Sir, Big Sir, Happy Jack, Smiley Joe Peterson, Thigh Roll, Big Love, Bug, Tater, Swaider-Tater, Becks, and most recently, Goat) is in fact, very much goat-like in his behavior in that he quite literally eats everything and anything not nailed down. One day I'm gonna find out that he has PICA - that disease that makes people eat dirt and coins and rubber bands and I will not be surprised. That being said, we’ve had to be a little more careful in staging our very own Winter Wonderland. We did put up the tree, which is basically the best part about Christmas with the exception of it being Jesus’ birthday and all, but we only hung the ornaments that allegedly “don’t break”. We’ll see about that. They have not met my son. We are also putting out the Santas, but will place them high atop the kitchen cabinets to ensure their safety. I’ve put a few other things here and there, but overall it’s a festive, scaled down version of last year. That's about all we'll do too, I think. I would LOVE to go Griswald outside and blind everyone with a quadrillion lights and giant inflatable snow globs and reindeer on the roof, and maybe a giant mechanical Santa that's all "Ho! Ho! Ho!" as he dips head first into a fake chimney top leaving only his behind in the air and his little feet kicking, etc, but we don’t own any of that stuff and even if we did, no one would be able to see so it’d be a moot point..... UNLESS, we buy land elsewhere and build ANOTHER house, but this time closer to the road and not have a driveway that’s 42 football fields long so EVERYONE could see our LIGHTS! But that’s a tall order and sure seems like a lot to ask of my husband, so we’ll make do.

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