Saturday, August 1, 2009

Advice Requested

I'm gonna try to make this a quick one because I have 1 child asleep and 1 child GONE and one husband in a boat on the water somewhere on mile something of his TWENTY mile kayak adventure. I am a happy woman this AM. A happy woman in a dirty house. So I really can't even enjoy my alone-ness because yo, my house is bad. Like BAD, bad. Not cluttery bad, unless you count the 2 extra chairs and the QUEEN SIZE BED IN OUR LIVING ROOM. It is mainly in serious need of mopping, dusting, windexing and vacuuming bag and I fully intend on doing all that today despite the fact that A) the Wildlife Extravaganza is here. Don't mock me. I like it. B) the tax free sale is going on! C) Brookshires has most of their meat "Buy 1 Get 1 for a PENNY!! D)I have to cook dinner for a friend tonight AND E) our attendance has been requested at 3 birthday parties (at the 2 places Brogan hates most in this world- splash park and Pump-it-Up).

Fortunately, we pawned her off on my parents yesterday and since my niece, who was also pawned off on said parents, is invited to the SAME party- gamma and peepaw are hitting the Splash Park with 2 girls today. I should probably tell them of Brogan's hatred of such place, but then again- it might deter them from taking her for me. And I really don't want to go thru THAT again. Hmmm. Ethical dilemma? I'm gonna let them take their chances and I'm gonna try to cleanse mah homestead.

Man. Big Sir has risen. Why did I jinx it? WHY?

Since Becks (Swaid, Big Sir, Sir Thighs, Sir, Tater, Swaid-er Tater, Beckham -just pick one) is up, I figure I have about 10 minutes until he's tired of crib playing and is ready to eat. again. After all, it has only been 45 minutes since he drank 14 ounces of formula and ate his approximate weight in Cherry Puffs. If I don't feed him soon, I fear he may wither. Bless him.

****I need the name of a great- child-friendly barber for Sir's mane. It is too long to spike and his head is to big to comb it "little boy" style. Trust me, it just is. He looks like Mr Lopard from Handy Manny and I just can't have my baby looking like that for other people to see. WITH.THEIR.EYES. Help a sista out, will ya? Recommendations?***** You can Facebook or leave a comment here. Thx.

Ummm. What else? OH! I need some advice: OK, so we got LOTS of new fish for our 55 gallon tank. It looks really cool now, except the water is cloudy. So cloudy that you can't see the back of the tank? We just changed the filters and did a water replacement yesterday and I swear the water is cloudier now than it was before? Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what did you do? Water clarifier? We (and by WE, I totally mean, MP) vaccumed all it last night and it isn't helping. Or am I the only idiot to invest in a 55 gallon fish tank?

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Tee said...

Dang, girl, you're letting grandparents attempt the splash park with Brogan AND starving your son? What are you thinking? (I'm just kidding you- you know that I love ya!)